Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed

Sargassum Seaweed

Although marketed under different brands, 99% of Seaweed extracts available to growers today are derived from Ascophyllum Nodosom.


The Total Plant Tonic is derived from superior Sargassum seaweed using our patent-pending extraction technology, putting it in a league of its own. Naturally occurring growth hormones and amino acids are extracted in an eco-friendly manner, maintaining their molecular integrity. This provides growers with a pristine, high quality product which will push the envelope of crop performance.


"Leading" Intl' Product

Total Plant Tonic

The choice is yours.

Too often plant's roots fall prey to the phrase: out of sight, out of mind.


Give your crops a head start this season, with a more dynamic root system for more efficient water and nutrient uptake. They'll thank you with increased productivity, earlier harvests and savings on both irrigation and fertilizer

The Total Plant Tonic increases root mass fraction and influences specific traits, resulting in a greater amount of tertiary and fine roots. 

Dual Action:

Foliar & Drench

*Highly compatible with other soluble fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides



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