An Emerging Success 

Our Company 

Greenhorns on a mission.

Algas Organics is proud to be the Caribbean's first indigenous agriculture biotechnology company. Our focus is the development of environmentally-friendly agricultural inputs which maximize crop performance and grower profitability. 

Founded just under 4 years ago, it is safe to say that Algas Organics may well be the youngest in the agriculture biotechnology space. In spite of our fairly short existence, an ever increasing number of growers from across the Caribbean are choosing Algas Organics over leading international "Big Ag" brands.

We see ourselves as the David of the agriculture biotechnology industry, holding ground against the Goliaths. Our proverbial 5 smooth stones are:

R&D/Product Dev Speed

Algas Organics is able to develop product formulations and bring them to market in half of the industry time at a fraction of the cost, due to our GRASSROOTZ Research™ model. This enables us to respond to grower's needs  quickly with their feedback along the entire development process.

Commitment to the environment

Under no circumstance will we put our name behind any product which is harmful to the environment, the grower or bees.

Focus on grower profitability

If our growers have a bad year, so do we. Understanding this symbiotic relationship, we work closely with our growers to understand their challenges, successes and needs, to ensure they get the most for the field.

Wealth of bio-diversity

Our base is home to over 1200 endemic plants, which the wider world has never seen and we believe that the future of global agriculture is locked within them. This repertoire allows us to bring innovative, unique products to the market with NEW active ingredients and modes of action.

Culture of innovation

Algas Organics is a breeding ground of innovation and thrives on solutions. This has been engrained in the very fabric of the organization. That said, we believe that "conventional" agriculture will plateau with continued pest and disease resistance and environmental degradation. TeamAlgas is dedicated to developing innovative products to address present and future grower problems.

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