Strength Where it Counts.

Strength where it counts.

Strength where it counts.

Total Plant Tonic

Unparalleled Root Growth

Quick plant establishment after transplanting

Reduced transplant shock

Improved nutrient and water uptake

Earlier and longer harvests- tremendous ROI to growers

Maintain crop productivity under drought and other environmental stresses


Compatible with other soluble fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides- Easy to add

Product Description

The Total Plant Tonic is a biological extract, formulated from Sargassum seaweed, to deliver unparalleled early root growth, giving your crop a head start.


Although not a pesticide, usage of this product on a wide cross section of crops has consistently resulted in reduced whitefly and aphids populations.

Pack Size

1 Gal (3.78 L)

5 Gal (18.9 L)

15 Gal (56.78 L)

55 Gal (208 L)

Tote-(946 L)

Rates & Applications

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