The Algas Organics Advantage

Our Seaweed & Process

We use Sargassum natans and S. fluitans species, one of the fastest growing seaweeds in the world* 

Sargassum’s unmatched, prolific growth in the marine environment piqued our interest in its potential for crop applications. This unique seaweed in combination with our patented Pro-Enzymo™ hybrid fermentation process, concentrates bio-actives, metabolites, and growth compounds into a low molecular weight extract, which penetrates plant cell membranes and produces results.

Our process also removes heavy metals such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead, ensuring growers receive a pristine extract which doesn’t damage the environment.

Our Approach

Direct To Grower

  • No middlemen or gatekeepers 
  • Transparent pricing
  • Convenient delivery to your farm
  • We treat you like family
  • Support at your fingertips

Grower Centric

We understand that profit is crucial to keeping your farm going. We are all about improving farmers’ pockets, by saving them money on inputs, improving farm efficiency and increasing crop production.

Rewards Programme

Sign up and earn points , get discounts and the chance to win prizes, like a trip to our beautiful Island of St. Lucia, every time you shop.

Our Guarantees

  1. We stand behind every batch of product we manufacture and guarantee zero crop burning 1, increased root mass, flower set, fruit set, and reduced fertilizer cost, once used as directed. If our products do not perform as stated, we will replace it or refund you.
  2. Our products will get to your door, home, or farm in 3-7 business days guaranteed, or we will give you a 5% discount.

1. Application of Algas Organics products during any erratic and non normal weather, or period of excessive heat or in conjunction with high Nitrogen (N) sources or any herbicides including but not limited to as glyphosate, 2 4-D, and Dicamba, voids this guarantee.



Get the most from your crops, with this 100% Sargassum seaweed Plant Amendment.


What Can You Expect

Correct Micronutrient Deficiencies

Reduce Fertilizer Cost by up to 20%

Maximum Flower Set & Fruit Retention. Increased Crop Yield.

Compatible with other soluble fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides- Easy to add

Preserving the marine environment

Pounds of Sargassum Removed:


No. of Turtles Saved:

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