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Since 2014, 

 incalculable tons of invasive Sargassum seaweed have washed up on beaches across the Caribbean, disrupting the livelihoods of fishermen and coastal communities.

Algas Organics was founded that same year, with the vision of developing world class agricultural products from this invasive species, whilst minimizing impact on livelihoods.

400 Tons later, we're still here, with our products sold in St. Lucia, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada and the USA

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Grower & Relationship Focused.

Tired of dealing with faceless multinational corporations? Exactly.

We value relationships. That's why we pride ourselves on working directly with growers in each community we serve. We know our growers by name. This personal relationship allows us to understand HOW each grower cultivates, their challenges and most importantly, what exactly they NEED in an agrochemical.

As we grow and mature, we want to take this personal approach to every community in every market we enter, be it a soybean farmer in Kansas, a grape grower in British Columbia or a new homeowner in Barbados trying to grow an impressive lawn.

Julian, proudly standing in front of his healthy melon plot treated with Algas Organics products.

Hot pepper harvest from Raphael's farm, thanks to Algas Organics

Melon harvest from Kenedy's farm. No wonder Algas Organics products have become a staple in this growing regimen.


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