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Johanan Dujon


Recognizing the crippling effect of Sargassum on his home island of St.Lucia, Johanan founded Algas Organics in 2014 to harness the abundant, invasive seaweed threatening the tourism-dependent economy. Although from a small island, Johanan has a big vision: to convert Sargassum into a new industry within the Caribbean which preserves the marine ecosystem, creates sustainable employment and supplies growers around the globe with world class crop nutrition and crop protection products.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the world’s most grower centric company, with the relentless focus on delivering customer value, convenience and positively impacting farm profitability.


Algas Organics is committed to maximizing crop performance and farm profitability, by supplying growers with the highest quality crop nutrition and crop protection products, derived from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly practices.

Our Story

Climate Resilience + Food Security

Sargassum natans and S. fluitans are free floating seaweed species normally found in the Sargasso Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

Since 2011, due to increasing ocean temperature and fertilizer runoff, this seaweed began blooming aggressively and engulfing entire coastlines in 22 countries within the Caribbean, causing:

  • Massive fish and turtle kills
  • Damage to marine ecosystems and coral reefs
  • Disruption to the fisheries and tourism sectors
  • Serious health implications to over 100,000 people, exposed to emissions from decomposing seaweed.

Algas Organics is a millennial run, minority owned agriculture biotechnology company, based in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, taking on the gargantuan task of solving “The World’s Biggest Algal Bloom”.

In 2014, I founded Algas Organics to do two things:

  • To sustainably manage and prevent millions of tons of Sargassum seaweed from decimating coastal communities, the local tourism based economy, and marine life in St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean region.
  • To pioneer the conversion of this species of seaweed into cost-effective, world class, organic crop nutrition and crop protection products, which maximizes crop performance, and farm profitability, in the most challenging conditions.

We are proud today to have done both of these things successfully. The company processes over 1,000,000 pounds of invasive seaweed per annum into plant amendment products for export to 10 countries, where we empower farmers to contribute to their national food security.

We employ women & youth from communities affected by Sargassum seaweed, whilst sustainably cleaning affected coastlines.

Algas Organics was started in my parent’s garage. But like Amazon, and Google and Disney, we know that garages are often times where great ideas start.

Having been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 2020 Entrepreneur in Manufacturing & Industry and recently receiving the Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development, I think we’re on the right track.

Our Obsession With Customer Satisfaction

Whether you are a new or experienced grower, the goal is the same: to exceed your

Hassle Free Order Process + Quick, Convenient Delivery

Ordering inputs for your farm online can be a headache. We make this process seamless and hassle-free for our customers. Simply enter your shipping & payment details and that’s it. We ensure quick, efficient, delivery to your farm, doorstep or wherever you want. Guaranteed.

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Bringing Value To Your Farm

We bring you a world-class plant amendment, with revolutionary technology, which saves money, improves farm efficiency and boosts crop production.

Our Values

Commitment to the environment

Under no circumstance will we put our name behind any product, which is harmful to the environment, the grower or pollinators.


we’re passionate about helping growers get the most from their crops, each and every time.

Obsession with Customer Satisfaction

we are committed to ensuring your experience with our brand and products, exceed your expectations.


Always reliable, trustworthy and meticulous.

Community Development

Community development is central to our Algas Organics’ model. Through our innovation, we’ve successfully turned an environmental catastrophe into a thriving industry on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

In partnership with the Government of St. Lucia, we’ve hired and trained over 100 persons to be Sargassum harvesters, allowing the opportunity for upward social mobility and the ability to provide for their families.