Frequently Asked Questions

Sargassum natans and S. Fluitans is one of the fastest growing seaweed species in the world. Their prolific growth is attributed to their endogenous bio-actives and compounds. Our Pro-EnzymoTM  hybrid fermentation process, concentrates these bio-actives (e.g (alginic acid, mannitol, organic acids) metabolites and growth compounds into a low molecular weight extract, which is easily absorbed by plants.

This ease of absorption through the cell walls, allow plants to respond quickly and consistently with optimal performance.

Our product is derived exclusively from Sargassum natans and S. Fluitans and contains only the nutrients and natural growth compounds occurring in this seaweed.

Our products do not have any impact on bees, birds, fish or mammals.

Certainly. Algas can be added to tank mixes with pesticides, fungicides and other agrochemicals. We always recommend a test mix before full application.

Algas optimizes crops’ use of fertilizer, but is not recommended to be used as a stand alone product. For best results, use as part of a complete nutrient program.

Algas is dual action and can be applied either as a foliar or a root drench, depending on the level of abiotic stress. Foliar application would be ideal if plants are not wilted. However, if plants are wilted, apply as a root drench.

For best results, apply Algas during the early morning or late afternoon/evening. Avoid applying during extreme heat or frost, as they reduce optimal absorption by the plant. Applying during extremely dry or humid conditions can also negatively impact absorption.