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Algas Organics, a minority-owned agriculture biotechnology company with an office in Miami, FL, announces the launch of its products on Amazon.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Algas Organics, a dynamic millennial-run and minority-owned agriculture biotechnology company with an office in Miami, FL, announces the availability of its products on the popular e-commerce platform Amazon.

Launching the brand on Amazon was a natural next step for the company, which has seen rapid growth in sales and the need to make the products more readily available. Algas Organics aims to reach a broader customer base and provide farmers and agricultural enthusiasts convenient access to their high-quality crop nutrition and protection products.

“On this momentous occasion of launching our products on Amazon, we aligned it with National Ocean Month as a symbolic gesture of our unwavering commitment to the oceans and their preservation. Our mission has always been rooted in protecting coastal communities and marine life from the devastating effects of invasive seaweed. By launching our products during this month of awareness, we aim to highlight the importance of sustainable agriculture practices and inspire others to join us to create a more sustainable future for our oceans and our planet,” said Algas Organics Founder Johanan Dujon.

What sets Algas Organics apart is its commitment to sustainable practices and environmentally friendly sourcing. Their products are derived from sustainable sources, ensuring farmers can enhance crop health while minimizing environmental impact. By offering these innovative solutions on Amazon, Algas Organics empowers farmers to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to the global effort of building a more sustainable agricultural industry.

The timing of this launch is particularly significant as coastal communities are grappling with the arrival of the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt. Algas Organics processes over 1,000,000 pounds of invasive seaweed annually. They transform this seaweed into plant amendment products, exporting to 10 countries.

Expanding on Amazon is one of many growth plans on the radar. Dujon is planning to expand his Miami operations by creating a processing facility.

“Establishing a processing facility in Miami is a significant step for us. We already have an office here, and a Miami expansion will enable us to expand our operations further and contribute to the local economy while continuing our mission to combat the challenges posed by invasive seaweed,” said Dujon.

About Alga Organics

Alga Organics was founded in 2014 by Johanan Dujon in his parent’s garage to sustainably manage and prevent millions of tons of Sargassum seaweed from decimating coastal communities, the local tourism-based economy, and marine life in his home country of St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean region. Dujon also set out to pioneer the conversion of a specific type of seaweed into cost-effective, world-class, organic crop nutrition and crop protection products, which maximizes crop performance, and farm profitability, in the most challenging conditions.

To learn more about Algas Organics, visit algasorganics.com.

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